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     Driven by a passion to create one of a kind works of art, Chris Alvarado pours his heart and soul into every instrument he makes. Since 2006, he has been handcrafting guitars that pay tribute to the craftsman of the past, while keeping an eye toward the future of building innovations. 


     Chris makes it his goal to get to know every customer that commissions a piece, in order to build a truly custom instrument. One that not only looks like the guitar they have been dreaming of, but one that feels and sounds far greater than the guitar of their dreams. He helps to guide every client through the build process and encourages feedback while including the customer in every step of the build process.


     At Driftwood Guitars, you are offered the unique experience of watching an instrument take life. What starts out as a vision and a pile of wood, becomes a living and breathing thing.  The journey from conception to the final product is where the life of every instrument begins, and we invite you to be a part of it.

Shelly Swanger Photography

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