This guitar is truly a once in a lifetime piece of art. Based on the idea that mother nature is often the most awe inspiring creator of beauty,  "Unearthed" is an instrument made using ultra rare natural materials, made by time and brought together by destiny. This guitar is sure to be one of the most talked about, and best sounding guitars in your collection.


Ancient Sitka 

The centerpiece of this guitar is the soundboard, which is made from a piece of "Ancient Sitka" Spruce. This incredible piece of wood was discovered by Brent Sr. of Alaska Specialty Woods on the coast of Port St. Nicholas Bay in Alaska.This once in a lifetime discovery came about while Brent was excavating dirt in preparation for a new warehouse. Upon uncovering the massive stump, he knew he had found something special. The tree was then removed from the ground, cleaned up, and cut open in their lumber mill. It was at that moment that the wood revealed the masterpiece of art that time had painted. Over 3000 years of time had turned this once creamy white colored wood, into a one of a kind Grey, with hints of Green, Purple, Silver, and Brown. This fascinating oxidation of the wood lead to a call to the USDA Forest Service, and A sample of the wood was sent off for carbon dating at Beta Analytical in Florida.The results confirmed that this extremely rare Sitka Spruce can be radio carbon dated to about 2850 BP, or 3,180 calender years old. The tree that became the wood that makes this guitar was born in 1230 BC!

(The guitar comes with a certificate of authenticity from Beta Analytical)

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Gold and Platinum

In order to carry on the theme of using materials that were created by mother nature, the guitar's sides, back, and neck were adorned with fine inlays made of pure Gold and Platinum. Using a total of 1.22oz of the precious metals (sourced from the Berkshire Hathaway Co.), the instrument showcases over thirteen feet of 24 Karat gold and sixteen feet of Platinum, to make the hand made scrollwork inlays you see on this guitar. To our knowledge, this is the only guitar in the world to use such precious materials in the making of its inlays.

(The instrument comes with all documentation stating the authenticity and weights of precious metals used in the inlays)

Wooly Mammoth Ivory

The guitar is finished off with a hand made Fossilized Wooly Mammoth Ivory bridge pin set, end pin, and strap button by David Werther & Co. Each unique piece comes with a affidavit of authenticity and is 100% legal within the US. (If you'd prefer a Mammoth ivory substitute, this can be provided


As for the tone of this instrument, you will not be disappointed. The guitar is the loudest that has ever come across our workbench, with enough tonal range to make even the most discerning collector a believer. The Ancient Sitka brings to the table an extra helping of everything that traditional Sitka has to offer. Robust bass response, punchy mids, and shimmering highs, all with an extra layer of overtones unlike any tone wood you've ever heard before. Wether you're a Blue-grasser or a Finger-style player, this guitar does it all with style and authority. 

Model: Grand Session

Soundboard: Ancient Sitka

Back & Sides: Master grade Ziricote

Fretboard Material: Macassar Rosewood

Bridge Material: Brazilian Rosewood

Abalone Bound: Soundboard, Sides, Back, Fretboard, Neck & Headstock

Neck: 14 Fret, 25.4" Scale Length, 1 3/4" @ the nut

Flame Maple Binding

Waverly 3 on plate Tuning Machines with Black Mother of Pearl Buttons

Custom Calton Hardshell Case (White exterior with Red Velvet Interior)